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At Distill Health, we specialize in branding, marketing, and communications for healthcare technologies. But while health may be our expertise, our specialty is simplicity. Learn more about who we are and what we do.

Digital Health in the Interoperability Age

Patients are more empowered by technology than ever. What does it mean for marketers when one of the latest breakthroughs is a combination of a discontinued insulin pump, some Facebook DMs, and an obsolete Intel computer?

Building Brands for Healthcare Technologies

With healthcare innovation accelerating and diversifying every day, more healthcare brand owners and product marketers are asking a crucial question: What makes building a brand for a technology different from creating one for any other healthcare product?

Medical Device Marketing 2019

It’s been a year of challenging media coverage for medical device manufacturers and their marketers. Here are 5 ways device brands can help get the right messages back to the top of the feed.

Complexity Distilled

See how our creative, branding, and marketing experts have honed their talent for transforming complex brand challenges into powerful communications and lasting connections.

recent projects.

We may be a new kind of healthcare agency, but our team are accomplished veterans. Together we have decades of collective experience in strategy, creative, and omnichannel storytelling for health, medical device, and life science technology brands.

Here are just a few of the ways we honed the skills we bring to every partnership.

Global Medical Device Product Launch

Our team guided the ground-up creation of the brand strategy, identity, and creative platform for the worldwide launch of a first-in-class dual surgical technology.


  • Brand positioning & messaging platform
  • Multinational KOL interviews & video
  • Full suite of promotional assets


National Scientific NFP Rebrand

A trusted professional society need to rejuvenate their brand.  We created a compelling new story about how they advance the skills & careers of their members.


  • New brand identity & positioning
  • Membership development strategy
  • Full creative campaign
  • Digital media audit and development
  • Event experience execution

Digital Brand Narrative Merger

Two medical device portfolios needed to move into the same online platform. We helped strategize and execute the integration of both sides’ digital presence.


  • Content strategy & storytelling
  • Physician, patient, & caregiver messaging
  • ~120-page linking structure
  • Full site SEO
  • Social media activation

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