Working with startup budgets and timelines to deliver a standout medical device brand

Solving a constant clinical pain point

For many patients admitted to a hospital, one of the first steps in their care can often be one of the most painful: getting an IV. This common procedure can be complicated by a number of factors – many of which can turn a simple “stick” into an ordeal for patients and a roadblock for staff.
At Georgetown University Hospital, a team of emergency physicians had struggled with that challenge so often that they invented a unique device to solve it. With their Series A in hand, and a launch date coming up fast, they turned to Distill Health to give SonoStik the brand it deserved.
  • Brand story + messaging
  • Visual identity
  • Logo
  • Marketing website
  • Social profiles
  • Brand collateral

An innovation in IV placement

Difficult IV Access patients – “DIVAs” – are a growing challenge for hospitals, where age, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and drug use can all turn a simple IV placement into a complicated, painful, drawn-out process.
With more and more clinicians turning to mobile ultrasound for support, SonoStik’s founders knew exactly the solution their colleagues needed. Their single-handed device pairs perfectly with new, smartphone-based scanners – making it easier than ever to get the first stick every time.

Balancing big goals and startup realities

Even with their new funding round, SonoStik still had only so much to invest in their branding – and only 90 days to go before their target trade show launch.
Maximizing their marketing investment
More than anything, SonoStik needed a partner who could stretch their branding budget as far as possible.
Creating a standout brand identity
Sick of hospital blues, whites, and teals, they wanted a brand that set their product apart – but still felt at home in the clinic.
Launching a new brand yesterday
With investors waiting, SonoStik knew that time was short but sales cycles would be long. They needed branding ASAP.

Building a workflow around brand essentials

With the clock ticking, SonoStik asked a question we’ve heard often from early-stage ventures: How do we make the most of our budget and timeline?
We started by mapping out all the must-have assets, modules, and touchpoints that SonoStik would need in place to look and sound 💯at launch. That told us exactly how we needed to develop a strategically linked brand story, visual identity, website, and collateral set – with each deliverable laying perfect groundwork for the next.
With a plan that tight, we shipped it all in just three months.


core messaging modules


professional wordpress site


key social profiles

days from kickoff to launch


days from kickoff to launch

Our experience of working with Distill Health was extremely positive.

The entire team was very easy to work with, they provided a plan outlining our needs, objectives and goals, along with a detailed roadmap as to how we would accomplish the mission critical tasks. The project was finished on time, within the budget constraints and the work was excellent.”
Gary Wakeford
CEO, SonoStik

Making it look just that easy

From our look at SonoStik, we could tell that clinicians would get it, love it, and want it from the very first try. Our job: create a brand that lets that simplicity shine. 
We crafted a visual identity that perfectly balanced familiar clinical shades with unexpected color bursts – along with a logo that instantly captured SonoStik’s function and value in a single glance. Their first and most important destination: a sleek custom “starter” website that distilled their story into a compact set of core pages. All the essentials, with plenty of room to grow.

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