Meet our distillers.

We’re a unique group of strategists, creators, and storytellers with a  passion for the technologies reshaping healthcare.


Small team. Big thinkers. Smart doers.

We’re a boutique agency taking on the biggest things happening in healthcare. It takes special people to do that work. Well, they work here.

Just like the countless innovators driving healthcare’s transformation, we believe that big things usually start small. And our team is all the proof you need. 

Gemma Grigsby


Globe-trotting ops & account development expert, world traveler, swimmer & tropical beach specialist.

James Hamilton

Co-Founder + Strategy Director

Healthcare marketing veteran, story sleuth, crafter of simple but elegant strategies & cocktails.

Meredith Newell

Content Director

Master of complex subject matter, elite wordsmith, health & fitness enthusiast, sketch & improv comedian.

Christine Hancock

Design Lead

Creator of bold designs and seamless UX, keen conceptual thinker, rock collector & jewelry maker.

Otis Grigsby

Growth Director

NFL Veteran, lawyer, Techstars alumni, interior designer, yogi, dog lover, writer, lifelong learner, and company growth expert.

Dana Taylor

Snr Project Manager

Workstream wizard who keeps all the plates spinning, wheels turning, tasks advancing, and magic flowing.


Distillers' rules.

We follow a few simple principles that guide our approach to every project and partnership.

Be smart.

Our customers need partners who can keep up. We can pedal as fast as you need us to.

Be real.

It’s a digital world. Big fancy words take up too much space. We’ll keep it simple and quick.

Be diligent.

Details matter. Crafting every one of them is how we show our respect for your brand.

Be curious.

We like to learn new things. Which is why we'll always have a lot of questions.


A few things we get asked a lot.

Do you partner with drug product brands?

While we work with a wide range of technology partners for life science businesses, we do not currently partner with pharma or biotech product brands (pills, injections, or other treatments). 

How do your prices compare with other agencies?

Our prices are great for the value you get. But we are not the cheapest option. We offer deep domain expertise and specialized marketing expertise, and rely on a core team of highly experienced agency professionals. To engage them, we charge a minimum project-based cost of $25K USD.


We also have very high standards for the services we provide, and tailor those services for every customer and their projects. Because we emphasize quality, rigor, and customization in our work, our prices can be higher than other agencies that offer more basic and formulaic services.

How do you handle pricing? Projects or retainers?

We offer both project- and retainer-based pricing, depending on which is better suited to the work you need from our team. 

Simple rule of thumb: Projects are great for open-and-shut workflows with specific outputs, like branding, a website, or videos. A retainer arrangement is often better if your needs change frequently, or if you need help with a variety of tasks throughout the month – for instance, with social content, blogging, site expansion, PPC campaigns, or ad hoc marketing activities. 

For new clients, we’re always happy to start our partnership with an initial “getting to know you” project, with a minimum budget of $25K. Or, if you know you have a lot of different, fluctuating needs, we’re happy to start with a retainer. Our minimum retainer is $6600/month for 3 months, but our support can easily scale with your requirements

Where are you located?

Our core team is based in Austin, Texas, and operates on Central Standard Time (CST). Like many agencies, though, we have teammates and partners across multiple countries.

Can you help me find more patients for my practice?

At this time, we do not provide patient acquisition services for healthcare providers and practices.

Why should I hire an agency like you instead of going to Fivrr or Upwork?

If you have a small budget and just want a logo, freelance sites are a great option. Just be advised that the task-oriented support you get on those sites will not include the industry knowledge, strategic insight, operational foresight, and multidisciplinary expertise you’ll have access to with our team. 


Don’t get us wrong, you can get a nice logo on Fivrr, Upwork, or 99designs. But what you won’t get is a team who approaches your project with strategic savvy and a holistic view of how this project contributes to your brand or product’s market success.

Does Distill just do healthcare?

Yep! It’s what we love and all we do. Our focus is healthcare technologies, but that includes digital health solutions, medical devices, SaaS and software platforms, data/analytics, capital equipment, and more.


Looking for your next career move?

Give us a holler if you’re interested in joining a team like ours. We’re always on the lookout for smart, creative, and strategic talent for our growing team.

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Thanks for reaching out!

We’ll get in touch shortly to discuss your project or inquiry. Looking forward to seeing how we can support you!