Branding, launching, and supporting a revolutionary new emergency care system.

Connecting a fragmented care cycle

While digital innovation has transformed many parts of the hospital, emergency care is often a technological outlier. At many facilities, “Code Blues” — cardiac and respiratory arrest events — are still managed with a patchwork of equipment and processes that have fallen generations behind the curve.
In 2020, a veteran MedTech team came to us with a solution that could take emergency care a quantum leap forward. They partnered with us to create a truly top-to-bottom brand — not just for their technology, but for the company that would take it to market.
  • Brand strategy + story
  • Company + product naming
  • Company + product logos
  • Visual identity
  • Marketing website
  • Content strategy
  • Social profiles
  • Brand collateral
  • Ongoing content support

A revolutionary integrated system

Reactively executed and deprioritized between events, most hospital emergency care cycles still struggle with ad hoc processes, scattered resources, poor outcomes, and scarce insights to help them improve.
Our clients’ groundbreaking solution: a connected suite of hardware and software designed to bring modern process, resource, and data management to emergency care. Our task: to build the brand, story, and digital foundation they needed to launch both their innovation and their business.


Key brand priorities

To help Nuvara gain traction with their technology, we had to build a brand that would deliver several critical results:
Highlighting an overlooked problem
Most potential customers assumed they were performing “good enough” with legacy equipment and methods.
Breaking through CapEx barriers
Marketing major investments to hospitals is always a unique challenge — even without COVID breaking budgets.
Unveiling an unexpected solution
Nuvara built their technology into a familiar form factor — one that prospects had to look past to see its full potential.

Turning clinical emergencies into an integrated care cycle

By mapping the entire flow of a Code Blue response, we discovered the crux of the challenge: most hospitals saw emergency care as a series of reactive actions and ad-hoc procedures, not a connected clinical process.
To help them rethink their experience, reevaluate their approach, and discover the value of Nuvara’s technology, we co-created a simple but holistic new model for the emergency care cycle — one that clearly demonstrated how the right system could help them maximize efficiency, ensure compliance, and lighten clinical workloads at every step.

Distill Health is a great fit for any medtech company launching a new product or brand.

We chose Distill Health because they excel at listening, interpreting, and communicating complex technical subject matter in a professional way, which helped us educate the healthcare market and build domain authority.”
Brian Shoenfeld
CEO, Nuvara

Distilling the potential of a breakthrough technology

With this model as the foundation, we built Nuvara a story and brand that could support every dimension of a modern omnichannel MedTech launch — starting with their visual identity and digital footprint.
Their sleek, sophisticated identity syncs the intuitive simplicity of the new system, the urgency of hospital emergency care, and the intelligence of a forward-thinking team of innovators. It provides a perfect brand framework for their crisp, compelling website — which we built and continue to evolve and expand.

Continuing support for Nuvara’s success

With their company and product successfully launched, our team has seamlessly transitioned to Nuvara’s dedicated marketing partner.
As Nuvara, EMMIT, and CoDirector continue to gather traction in the market, our team is there at every step – supporting them through strategic pivots, amplifying new evolutions of their story, and continuing to build momentum behind a critical and much-needed transformation in hospital care.
  • Content strategy
  • Social content creation
  • Post generation
  • Site management/WebDev
  • Email marketing

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