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Distill Health brand strategy, marketing, and communications for healthtech, medical devices, and life science companies

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Brand strategy & communication solutions for healthtech, medical device, and life science companies

June 4, 2019

Hi. We’re Distill Health.

We’re a boutique branding, marketing, and communications agency that specializes in healthcare technology. But while health may be our expertise, our our specialty is simplicity. We help transform complex brand challenges into what 21st century brands need most: simple, intuitive stories that create lasting connections and start dynamic conversations. 

Why technology and healthcare? Because an industry poised to hit $200 billion by 2023 is one that’s getting more complex every day — one that needs specialized support to launch its products, build its brands, and tell its products’ stories. And because healthcare technology brands are different. Medical devices, surgical technologies, digital communication platforms, wearables, AI-powered diagnostics, all the breakthrough innovations that are just starting to emerge — they need uniquely strategic communication solutions for their uniquely complex brand challenges

And we love those challenges. We speak clinical, think digital, and live building brands that distill all the complexities of life science, data science, engineering, user experience, and human health into unforgettable brand stories.

What we do

Branding, marketing, and communications: what they mean is changing as fast as the technologies we use to develop them. But for us, they always mean one thing first: uniting industry expertise, strategic acumen, creative spark, and executional discipline in an effort that helps technology brands succeed. 

What that success looks like can be as diverse as the solutions we use to help brands achieve it, from shaping their go-to-market plan, to engaging experts and KOLs, to creating a captivating visual language that speaks straight to the heart and mind.

At Distill Health, we have decades of experience doing just that. We architect brand messaging, invent unique creative platforms, and develop digital communication strategies. But just as importantly, we also think relentlessly, imagine endlessly, and commit fiercely — to every technology, every condition, and every client.

Where we are

We’re in Austin, Texas: one of the hottest hotspots of innovation in every form of technology, and a melting pot (yeah, it’s THAT hot here) of digital, creative, clinical, scientific, and engineering inspiration. 

We’re here because that’s the future of healthcare: integrated, interoperable, and constantly inventing. With no boundaries between the clinical expertise, digital insight, and personal wellbeing, creating boundless opportunity to transform human health.

Y’all come see it some time. And we’ll show you why the future has unbeatable tacos.

Why we should chat

You have a technology: One that’s poised to transform the the way we protect the world’s health. Or expand our understanding of a disease. Or change the future of a lifelong condition. Or advance the way we produce and deliver a lifesaving product. We have the experience, discipline, and imagination to find the simple, powerful story your brand needs. The story that will help your brand connect with customers, start insightful conversations, and scale across audiences, channels, and global markets. 

You have a complex industry in constant flux. We have a proudly independent team that’s purposefully agile and tenaciously responsive. We don’t just listen — we hear, we learn, we act, and we deliver. We started this team with the idea that change is constant, evolution is beautiful, and adaptation is essential. And that’s why we believe that the greatest service any agency can provide is a passion for thinking on our feet, continually learning, and constantly delivering solutions as unique as each client’s needs. 

You need one thing more than anything: a simple, intuitive, human-centric story for your technology. Simply put: there’s only one agency partner that’s built to help you create it. 

Ready to get started? Let’s get in touch > 

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    The Tacos are great ! Same a the team.


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